Lighting for Health & Wellbeing

Human centric, circadian lighting for shift work, hospitals, food production, infection control and more


Innovative lighting for artificial indoor environments to experience outdoor emotion.

Anyone who has spent significant time in artificial light, whether it be in a meeting room with no natural light or nightshift in a factory has experienced the benefit of stepping outside into natural sunlight. It lifts our mood, elevates energy levels, and just makes us feel good.

Applying the latest knowledge of how light impacts us physically and emotionally and using innovative LED light technology we can mimic natural daylight in internal, artificial environments. This puts people at the forefront of how workplaces and environments are designed.

It will be revolutionary for 24-hour work environments for shift workers, hospitals, emergency services, food production, gym facilities and even infection control.


Lighting Spectrum

The lighting spectrum is made up of different colours of light. We can harness these colours , particularly the red and green lights for health and wellbeing benefits.

The Issues of Modern Lighting

Artificial light, particularly blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm and can lead to sleep disruption, reduced productivity, illness, and disease.

The Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm is 24-hour cycle that helps our bodies know when to carry out essential functions and processes to support optimum health and wellbeing.

Infection Control

Keeping environments clean and protected from harmful bacteria is a constant and costly challenge. Leveraging the technology of light simplifies the equation.

Industry Applications

24-hour workplaces can benefit from circadian lighting with increases to productivity, reducing  staff turnover and having a healthier, happier staff and workplace.

Light Demonstration

Come see the power of circardian lighting for yourself. Our lighting demonstration shows how light impacts your mood & alert levels.


We are innovators in our field. 
We want to create human centric lighting environments and educate businesses and end-users to the benefits of circadian lighting.

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