Infection Control

New LED Technology can manage infection control

Keeping environments clean and protected from harmful bacteria is a constant and costly challenge. Leveraging the technology of light simplifies the equation.

Many workplaces and environments can benefit with lighting to manage infection control including gyms, classrooms, offices, retail and of course hospitals and medical services.

The Covid19 global pandemic has placed a higher importance for all workplaces to manage infection control. At exposure sites, workplaces close and need to be deep cleaned.

With specific LED installations light can be used to continuously clean while businesses are open and continue to serve customers.

The Benefits of LED light infection control

  • Safe– while deadly for bacteria, continuous exposure is safe for humans and animals.
  • Constant – can be used 24 hours a day providing continuous disinfection protection.
  • Effective – proven to significantly reduce bacteria on indoor and interior surfaces.
  • Flexible – disinfection LEDs can adapt to a wide range of applications and products in workplaces and homes.

Using lighting for infection control is not new

In 1892 visible light disinfection was used in London using filters and sunlight.  The problem was it could only be used when there was sunlight available.

UV lamps are also used to clean surfaces. But they are hazardous with long term exposure and must be used at the end of a rod and applied directly to a surface. It also only provides short-term infection control as any bacteria or germs left on the surface will start to multiply after 20 minutes.

Light infection control works on Super Bugs

Super bugs or bacterial infections that do not respond to antibiotics are becoming more frequent. If a super bug is detected in a hospital it can lead to entire wards to be shut down while UV and chemical cleaning solutions applied.

Wards are unable to open until surfaces all cleaned and cleared. They could be shut for days or even weeks.

LED infection control lighting is effective on super bugs. It can be used to continuously to prevent bacteria growth and spread.

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