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Lighting & Shift Work

Shift workers have the hardest physical adjustments to artificial light in any working environment and can experience the biggest lighting impact on health.

Our bodies have 64 different natural rhythms. Every major organ in our bodies has a separate rhythm. We have daily rhythms for sleep, mood, metabolism, and microbiome. If you impact one rhythm such as the circadian rhythm, it has a knock-on effect and can negatively impact them all.

Shift work can lead to sleep deprivation and can cause many mental and health related issues. Some people adjust and cope with shift work, others never adjust and have health severely impacted or end up finding different work.

Shift work has become essential in the modern era

Shift work is a necessary evil for our lives. We need to find a solution to the impact night shift has on our bodies and mental health. We need to find a way to improve the outcomes for the many people involved in shift work and not just leave it to the ‘Night Owls’.

Circadian lighting is the solution. It can help people better adjust to shift work and reduce the health impacts. Benefits are not just felt on a personal level. Businesses will see increased productivity, alertness, and staff retention. This results in better wellbeing of staff and will also increase safety, reduce accidents and improve profits.

Kiwi Fruit Pack House

Kiwi fruit packing is one example of shift work that could benefit immensely from circadian lighting.

The season for picking and packing kiwi fruit picking goes for 12-14 weeks every year.

Typically, most packhouses have to employ 60% more staff than they need over this time due to a very high churn rate. Some workers last one day, some last one week and about 5% will last the full 12-14 weeks. Nearly half of all shift workers will leave within the first two weeks due to fatigue.

This high churn increases costs and reduces productivity. Every new team member needs to undergo job and safety training.

Generally lighting in packhouses is artificial to help control the temperature and to minimise any heat gain through skylights. This means both day and night shifts have opportunity to positively be impacted by tuneable, circadian lighting.

The benefit for business is reduced staff churn and increased productivity and profit for the pack houses.

For the workers they will be able to cope better with the shift work, sleep easier when they get home and are more likely to be able to last the full season.

All 24-hr worksites could benefit from tunable, circadian lighting in the workplace. Contact us to book a demonstration on how our circadian lighting impacts positive productivity outcomes.

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