Lighting Impact on Health

Light enables us to see. But light can have far reaching impacts on our biological and psychological health and wellbeing.

Lighting can disrupt sleep, reduce cognitive ability, and overall affect our health and wellbeing.

It can also have a positive affect, improve our mood and stabilize circadian rhythms; helping us get a better and deeper night’s sleep. Psychologically, light can decrease depression scores and even increase cognitive performance such as reaction time and activation.

Natural Light versus Artificial Light

Natural light is from the sun. Over the course of a day light levels change. This helps drive our circadian rhythm.

Articifical light is a relatively modern phenomenan that came about during the industrial revolution and enabled people to work beyond natural daylight hours which improved profits, had had a detrimental effect on worker’s health and wellbeing.

Artificial light is any lighting we use when we don’t have enough natural light in a building or at night. When we move away significantly from natural light rhythms it can interrupt our circadian rhythm. This can cause havoc physically and psychologically, leading to cognitive impairment, mental health issues and physical illness and disease.

Blue Light

It is well known blue light is the main contributor to negatively impacting our circadian rhythm. The problem is increasing globally with the widespread use of colder (colour) LED lights in our homes, work environments and our ever-increasing device use.

LED lights are driven primarily by blue light. Blue light in natural light tells our body to be awake and alert. Continual exposure to blue light can disrupt circadian rhythms.

Circadian disruptions and disease

Disruptions to our circadian rhythm can vary from something as simple as irratbility through to serious disease and illness such as cancer, alzheimers and cardiac issues.

Spectrum Hauora Circadian Disruptions & Disease

The future of lighting

The solution is tunable circadian lighting. Lighting that mimics natural sunlight in artifical conditions. The technology is available now!

Contact us if you would like a demonstration to see how our circadian lighting can revolutionise your workplace.


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